Page Update Notice . . .

FYI, for those running any version (distro) of Linux on PC or Tablet, please note the permanent page of Linux info & links has been completely updated.

IF any OTC club member would like to see a similar page on MS-Windows please let me know and we can discuss how to get that done.   Ditto for  page(s) focused on Android and OS X systems.

We hope to promote OS diversity & inclusiveness . . . . thanks!

Museeks – Cross OS Music App

Museeks . . is a simple, fast, free and easy to use audio player for Windows, MacOS and Linux.  Its true* “FOSS” . . . so no embedded malware, adware, spyware, yada, yada, yada.

  •  * Not all “Freeware, Shareware” is the same . . .look for FOSS (Free & Open Source Software) to ensure you get apps without extra baggage.


Meet Museeks, A Stylish New Cross-Platform Music Player




August Presidents message

Martin picGreetings fellow tech members,

Due to an event happening near the library we will not meet on our regular scheduled day for August. The next meeting will be in September.

Time marches on, with the Windows 10 deadline now passed there is a new update causing a ruckus. I, like most new users would like to have a quiet month or two that we can catch up on all the changes.  In the next meeting we will discuss Windows 10 and together solve a few mysteries. Also we will discuss a few quick tips to keep us up on Android OS for mobile devices.

For all the details look for the agenda post on the site. Time permitting, I would like to share a few pics from my daughters wedding we attended the first week of August.

Keep on checking out the posts and add your own computer related post on our web page after Greg reviews the easy steps to doing one. Also, all are welcome to join the “Lunch Bunch” after the meeting to a more informal forum where the discussions are as good as the food. We plan to eat at the Village Inn on 108th and L street.

As always I look forward to seeing all at the meeting  at 0900 on 10 September 2016.


Martin Hanson