Wish You had Taken the Free Offer?

If you wish you had given Windows 10 a try, but believe what you read on the web or in the press, here is some more 411. Supposedly Microsoft closed the offer around July, 29 of last year. Oddly enough, I’ve been doing customer installs ever since then by downloading the Microsoft media tool and burning it onto DVD. Thus spending more time installing software, than fixing it or hardware. Of 22 some machines, the 3 hardest turned out to have inoperative CD/DVD drives that were inoperative.


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“Windows 7 is based on outdated security architecture,” Microsoft says.

“Companies and users who won’t upgrade from Windows 7 within the next three years are facing enormous dangers,” (Microsoft Quote).

Above prompted by EOL of Win7 in less than 3 years . . . time for slackers to start upgrading is here . . . see article in continue reading link below:

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Dell adds another PC Line with Ubuntu

Consumer choice (aka competition) is a good thing – – while Dell has offered it’s super high end XPS for over 6 years with Ubuntu for developers and sys-admins,  these laptops are intended for the general user.


Dell Precision 3520 Page

My new Meerkat

I put the Meerkat by System76 on my Christmas wish list this year. And got it! Once I plugged it in I haven’t gone back to my windows machine. It’s been wonderful and also a challenge. I found that I could not get drivers for my old Canon printer. So after research got a new HP 6978 that was on sale. It is wireless. And I couldn’t get all the features to work. So I plugged in my old printer cable and copy/scan / double side printing and scanning worked. My next challenge is to access the data on my windows drive. and to see if my exact program will work in wine.

I am planning to bring it Saturday.

I forgot to say that the printer keeps track of the ink and ships more to you when it gets down to one-third.