Facebook Drops the Ball . . .

Just another “word to the wise” . . . be very cautious about unsolicited “surveys, questionnaires” etc. via web, email or even phone.

ZDnet recap of Facebook Failure . .

Furthermore, don’t allow site access via 3rd party sites . . (note the very last sentence of the article on how to access the Facebook page with your settings for 3rd party app access . . )


DoSpace – Free Rooms Going Bye-Bye


Dear Do Space member,

Do Space is changing our Meeting Room policy and procedures to better support the sustainability of our organization. As a valued member who regularly uses our meeting rooms, we wanted to notify you of this change before it takes effect.

Starting April 1, 2018 use of Do Space meeting spaces on the first floor will be subject to a fee based on the following rates:

  • Commercial/Individual use: $100/hour

  • Non-profit/Education Organization: $30/hour


Bluetooth 5.0 is Coming . . . So ???

Yes, the latest and greatest Bluetooth standard is completed and devices are slowly becoming available this year.   What’s the big deal?   Should we run out and get BTv5 devices??  Chris Hoffman at HTG provides the details in his tech blog.


  • Much better power mgmt
  • Much better distance (800 feet versus 200 for BTv4.2)
  • It’s backwards compatible
  • Dual-Audio (get sound to two different outputs simultaneously)

Con’s ($$$)

But . . . the pros only apply if both devices are BTv5 compatible (so, new headphones, speakers, audio/video systems, yada,yada,yada).

More details here:   HTG Bluetooth 5 Article Link