How to enable “Continue Reading” links

You’ve probably noticed by now I’ve updated many of our posts with the “Continue Reading” tag.   This feature provides a couple benefits:   the posts are excerpted (or abridged) which improves readability because you don’t have to wade through a lot of “cruft” to determine if you like the post and want to continue reading.

Also, by clicking on the continue reading link, the post count will be activated and we, as club members, will have a better idea of what our readers are interested in.

To enable that feature, from the standard add or edit posts screen, there is an icon in line 1 (same line as link symbols) that has two bars and three dots between them.  Click on that icon (it’s the 3rd icon from the right) and that will insert the Continue Reading link where your cursor is at.

Give it a try, if it doesn’t look right, just edit your post and try again.





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