2 thoughts on “Win 10 Performance Report . .”

  1. Well – the most interesting part was trying to get it to run. Be aware that it is perfmon[space]/report or it won’t work.
    It found a few issues with my machine – none of which I understand. Who wants to play GEEK for me??

  2. Since there are just a few Win 10 users in the club, maybe another source of help about those specific issues (if they’re actually issues) . . could come from a dedicated Win 10 Forum. Here is one that seems to have a lot of members and MANY active questions (such as the question submitted below):


    Just go to home page of the forum to find the sub-forum you need and:

    1). Do a search first (re Performance Report or Performance Monitor messages),
    2). If no hits – then start a new thread.

    Note, you probably need to register for the forum to effectively use it (often search requires it).

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