Sometimes, you should leave well enough alone . . .

Hubby’s ASUS tablet has become the grandkid’s game machine.  And repeated game downloads and deletions have slowed it to a crawl.  Time to clean it up – or so I thought.  To speed things along, I decided to erase all data and do a factory reset.  This has worked well on two Samsung tablets, ASUS can’t be too different.  Or so I thought.

When I gave up, I took it to ARN Network Computer at 4273 S. 144th.  I picked it up 10 days later, at $0 charge, and exactly as I had left it.

Two messages stop tablet function — 1. “Unfortunately, Google Play services has stopped” and 2. “Unfortunately, the process has stopped.”  I have tried the majority of the ideas offered by doing a Google search on both problems.

It has been reset numerous times, started with and without an email account but nothing I have tried or the young guys at ARN tried has solved the problem.  Oh – and ‘Play Store’ no longer functions – just a blank screen.  [Makes doing any updates pretty impossible!]

Constructive IDEAS????


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    1. Good point and worth pursuing. Technology has had to Oz Road approach for quite a while. From what I’ve seen most people under 30 would just stop using it and buy something else. Odds are if you just bought a new digital snapshot camera today (Sunday), new out of box, something that runs it is out of date. The days of buying a new t.v., bringing it home and turning it on to watch something have been over for quite a while.

  1. Thank you all for the suggestions. I did find a solution – albeit an unusual one.
    Step 1. – I ordered a new 10″ ASUS ZenPad from NewEgg for $179 + free shipping. Comes with Android 5.1 — so an upgrade from Tom’s current 4.3. It arrived in 3 days. Plugged it in to charge for 8 hours. When charged, added Tom’s Google account and it was ready to use.
    Step 2. Tried one more time to fix the old 10″ ASUS Memo 302C. This time I ‘force stop’ all Google apps and returned them to factory version and cleared all cached info. [I had done this previously without success – but this time I used ‘force stop’] Wonder of wonders – the Memo started to look for updates, Google Play started to download and install them – all I did was practice patience and wait thru the lengthy update process.

    I had looked thru MANY videos and how-tos, tips on ASUS boards and geek boards, tips at Android boards —– and tried probably 15 different ‘hints’ — but none mentioned the ‘force stop’ until I found some really old posts. Figuring I had nothing to lose . . . and it worked!
    Grandkids now have their own tablet and each is allowed 5 games max.

  2. Well Done . . . I suggest the first annual “Persistence Award” nomination goes to Trudy! So, for future frustrated Androiders, maybe you should email the ARN network folks to share . . . ???

  3. Thanks guys. The new ASUS tablet, which shipped with Android 5.1, has auto updated to 6.0
    Betting I will never see that version on any of the Samsung tablets I own.
    More impressed with ASUS every day!

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