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You’ve likely heard me grouse about how the old reliable download sites now accompany their freeware with generous sides of other ‘stuff’. The linked article has a list of (at that moment) safer sites, and a smallprint way to avoid the ‘stuff’ on the other sites.

Safe software download sites – Beware of deceptive download links & PUPs

Author: Steve Lubman

Long-time member, SLUGO grad, GOCUG alumn.

3 thoughts on “Safe Download Sites”

  1. I noticed even the venerable “FileHippo” download site has adopted the crapware philosophy.

    If I were still running Windows, I would first try Ninite for my basic software. Note, if your favorite program is not available, there is a process to request that Ninite host that software:

  2. Here’s another update . . . looks like all the negative articles, comments . . . AND . . . competition from the “Official Software Repositories” of Canonical, Google, Apple, Samsung, and now, MS is having an effect.

    When the percent of downloads from unofficial repos trickles down to the single digits . . . then computing will be MUCH safer than it is today.

    But first, just like Apple learned, now MS must learn how to setup and manage software repositories via banks of mirror servers AND the ability of users to choose the servers they want for downloads (e.g., the fastest & most reliable network).

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