URGENT Firefox update . .

I know it looks legit — but this is a scam — don’t fall for it!

Look at the address it is coming from – it is NOT Mozilla.com.  I’ve had several ‘attacks’ pop up  this week – and simply go back a page, but that may not be the best idea – I don’t know.  I have been scanning my system and nothing is found, so I’m feeling OK.  Decided to install an adblocker today – one recommended in several Mozilla forums – so hope that will help.  But wanted to let those who use FireFox browser know there is a false update being pushed by hackers.

One thought on “URGENT Firefox update . .”

  1. Downloaded & installed – uBlock Origin – a FireFox extension. Blocks suspicious content sites. So far — no more “Urgent Firefox updates”. I’m surprised by how many things it has blocked!

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