3 thoughts on “Cortana The spy in Windows 10 Computerworld”

  1. Good article, . . . by one of my favorite technical authors (a veteran of “all” major OS’s of past and current times).

    To me, privacy is a matter of degree. I can live with Google’s general approach, as I don’t have to use their search engine, ditto with Facebook, I don’t have to use it (and generally don’t).

    But with MS-Windows, the problem is much worse – because people (consumers mainly – not so much business/govt/edu) . . . . are “locked-in” to using Windows as their primary PC operating system. And as SVJN says in his article, it’s very problematic to hack Cortana (to totally disable it).

  2. Found download “winareo.com” does a job on taking out Cortana out of win 10 anniv edition.
    If you go to the download site don’t click on the big green download button! Go underneath it and there is a normal download button.
    There are a lot of things in this program to change win 10 the one for Cortana is toward bottom of list.
    Leaves the area with a regular ” search windows” box . You can bring up settings in the search to click off a couple more items as history and device use history then you are done .
    The program also has a shortcut arrow remover for your icons on desktop.

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