High-End Comparison – MacBook Pro & System76 Bonobo

Found this matrix which compares the top end MacBook Pro against the System76 Bonobo (high-end laptops).   Get more for the money from . . . ???

Really shows how restrictive Apple has become for hardware flexibility.   (so unlike the original Apple II, II+, IIe)


3 thoughts on “High-End Comparison – MacBook Pro & System76 Bonobo”

  1. Interesting as usual. I used to be a Mac user and still like their innovations, but not their less than innovative prices. I have hardly ever met a Mac user that didn’t have a love affair with their machine (including System76 Users). Not so with PC users.

    I almost bought a Mac Mini, but a System 76 Meerket is a better choice, has more breathing room and does not obsolete my current devices.

  2. For those not familiar with the Sys76 “Meerkat” . . . here’s the link. the “Meerkat”

    At $449 it’s a great little travel desktop. Just need one hdmi cable and one wireless keyboard such as the Logitech 400 which has built in trackpad.

    So, about $500 total with the keyboard which is a handy thing to have. In the hotel room, the Meerkat can be plugged in and and connected in about 1 or 2 minutes (depending on how fast you can type your login).

    Not too shabby for a fully functional PC (and it doesn’t require any nonsense software such as MalwareBytes).

  3. To be clear — I would spend 4300+tax on a laptop that I can connect to only . . . . the Internet? Only add software or music or ANYTHING by downloading from the Internet? Is this so perfect I would never wish to change or add or maybe upgrade? Guess I just don’t understand the desire to spend major money and not have any say in how it functions in daily life.
    Reminds me of my first computer – a Hyundai 8088. Found out that everything in it was propitiatory and very hard to fix/replace. Could not wait to swap it out for a generic 286 motherboard & processor.

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