Excellent New Browser – Vivaldi

Over the past 18 months, a new browser has been entering the PC market and getting a lot of attention for it’s innovative features.

It’s called “Vivaldi” and is a product of the original Opera development team along with new team members from the Chromium project.


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Tech Products to Secure Your Mind…

The article link is either fits the “Really” category or the “Human Race is Doomed category. My personal take on this subject,At any one time we are all looking for solutions (including this author), but one of those options is not actually thinking things through. Enjoy the read…

Office Depot PC Repairs . . Caveat Emptor!

A few days ago, I bought a couple items at Office Depot . . . for the first time ever, at the check-out area there were two employees handing out flyers and (softly) promoting their PC Repair Service.   Ironically, I read this article today online, and thought I’d share here:

Office Dep. Repair Svc