3 thoughts on “Building a Minecraft Server on your Raspberry Pi3 . .”

  1. The price is enticing, but the reality? Let see, you’ll need a screen for viewing (hopefully with HDMI inputs, a keyboard, mouse or touch pad, maybe a power supply, cables, memory card, case speakers and something else I’ve probably forgotten. Truly a hobbyist item! Nonetheless an intriguing item.

    A year ago, I opted to get together with my grandson on a Kano (https://kano.me/). It was a Saturday morning get together and was functional in short order. We had it done before lunch and were doing some programing and use programs that came with the memory card, which had a installed O.S. It was complete with everything except a monitor. Price was around the same as today’s (https://kano.me/store/us).

  2. Since the January temps will have me climbing the walls, this would occupy some of the time. My grand kids liked playing in just there world, and while setting up a server within one household network is not that difficult, outside is a different thing. Ideally, the grand kids Nebraska would like to play privately with their peers in Wisconsin….I gave up on the whole idea, since under Windows and Cox, it would involve opening up ports that are generally not open and somewhat vulnerable according to some authorities. Since I’ve never been to the Moon or Mars or used Linux, attempting this would require some direction. To start with I’d probably pick up a Raspberry 3, rather than reuse Raspberry that come with our old Kano (https://kano.me/). It would be more interesting if other club members were interested!

  3. I agree it would be an interesting project. Especially if we can get a small team of 3, 4 or 5 to participate. Maybe a good topic to bring up at the Christmas meeting . . . to test the waters?

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