Echo program

You can run echo from your desktop by using google chrome and running in your browser.
It will ask to enter your amazon password. when asking questions you have to hold spacebar or mouse over and hold button on screen.
Won’t play music unless you have amazon prime.
Just something to toy with and see what answers you can get.

If you tried this before try it again I had misspelled.

Samsung Bricking Phones

Ok I see the idea of trying to get all the bad Samsung phones so they can’t explode.
Now doesn’t it make you nervous that they can do what they want to your phone.
I suppose if you read their Users License Agreement ( ULA) it somewhere says you don’t own the
software just the phone.
Now question among the paranoid is what else can they do to your phone without you knowing it?
Save some of that tin foil from your hat and wrap it around your phone.
Dennis E

Serious Ubuntu Linux desktop bugs found and fixed

Although Linux desktops (including Ubuntu) are very safe when compared to Windows, that doesn’t mean they are completely immune to malware.

Here’s a current example of an issue that required quick action by Canonical (maker of Ubuntu), . . . AND the desktop user.   (Canonical to write the patch . . the user to apply the patch without delay).

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