Neofetch – Hardware Summarizer Tool . .

My Neofetch profile below for System 76 Galago Laptop:

Among the changes on offer in Neofetch 2.0:

  • Improved ASCII art handling, including default OS fallback when distro not detected
  • ASCII colour tweaks for select distros, including Arch
  • Support for HyperTerm
  • GPU info is cached until reboot
  • Dedicated GPU preferred over integrated
  • ‘Now Playing’ support for select music players
  • Wallpaper detection on Cinnamon desktops
  • Improved documentation & wiki

In addition to Linux, Windows, macOS, and Android (and a bunch of other operating systems) Neofetch 2.0 is able to run on GNU Hurd, Haiku and iOS on the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

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Google Chrome 55 Fixes Flaws, Blocks Flash

Quoted from article in Datamation eMagazine:

The long, slow march of Adobe’s Flash technology off the web has reached another milestone with the debut of Google’s Chrome 55 web browser.

Over the last few years, Google has been slowly enacting elements of its plans to deprecate support for Flash in Chrome, in favor of HTML5 based media. In Chrome 42, which debuted in April 2015, Google made Flash content ‘click-to-play,’ requiring users to click a button before a flash file activates and disabling auto-play of flash content.

Now with Chrome 55, Google is making HTML5 the default for dynamic comment, instead of Flash. There is a major caveat though: not all sites have media available as HTML5 at this point. As such, Chrome 55 still supports flash and users can run it on some sites that provide flash, rather than HTML5, media content. Google Chrome users can configure which sites they want to allow Flash to run on with a new exceptions list in Chrome 55.

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UPS “Follow My Delivery” – Realtime Tracking Maps

UPS now offers realtime package tracking.   It’s called “Follow My Delivery”.   The pic above shows the UPS truck with my package delivering in the neighborhood across the street . . my house show in lower right quadrant.   Package arrived in evening versus morning as initially shown.

UPS Link

Christmas Party TIME!!

Time to start thinking about Holiday treats for the December meeting.  Plates, bowls, napkins will be provided — the rest is up to the members.

Cookies – bars – breads – fruit – nuts – cookies – crackers – meats – cookies – fudge – donuts – cookies – chestnuts  – pickled herring?

I expect about 22 people – so let us know what you plan to bring.

See you December 10, 9:00 a.m.,  at Sump.