USB Charging Hub present

At the December OTC meeting I talked about USB charging hubs.  I had seen some by Belkin and Griffin for $100 and decide to look around ( a bit).  Looked at Amazon and this was the first one I saw .  A Zilu 4 port USB charging hub (  This had 4 ports that would charge up to 2.4 A in each port.  All this for $12.99.  No, I did not spend several hours checking reviews and models.  The price was right and 4 ports with high amperage would work.  This allowed me to replace 4 wall warts with 1 regular AC plug.  I had to wait until Christmas to open the box.  Just checked Amazon and the price is now $16.99.

So the next thing I was trying to plan was building an under-shelf compartment to hold the various tablets, phones , power bricks.  I wanted something that would protect the devices from stuff being dropped on them ( I have lost a couple of tablets this way).    Then an interesting idea came up,  most of us remember the old desk mail organizers.  The ones with several compartments.  Well my wonderful wife of 36 years went into the basement and found one from an estate auction we went to. As you can see in the picture there is space for a Kindle, couple of tablets, several power bricks and phone.  The only minus is the various charging cords does make it a bit messy, but it is convenient.  I just have to find some Goldilocks cables, you not too long, not too short, just right length.  Also, I can mount it high enough to keep little fingers away.