Flashing my BIOS . .

Just a ‘heads up’ for all of you – flashing BIOS may cause harm!

Backstory: Laptop came with Win8.1  Installed Win10 and used Win8.1 key to upgrade to Win10Pro.  Win10 Anniversary did not install well . . . any of the 3 times I tried.

Fix: HP offered  BIOS update which I did.  Then I installed a new SS hard drive.  Next – installed Win10 ISO file and updated to Anniversary . . then updated to Creators edition.

Unfortunately, somewhere in the process, Microsoft decided to lose or ignore the ‘key’ for Win8.1 . . . . so I have the Home edition and can’t upgrade to Pro by entering the activation code for Win8.1  I used Belarc Advisor – on both my machines – and on the desktop my ‘key’ for Win7Pro is there along with a new activation code for Win10Pro-Creators.  On the laptop, the Win8.1 ‘key’ is gone and trying to change/insert the activation code does not work.

So was it the flashing or missing a key step in some process — I don’t know — but I’m NOT going to undo/redo or lose sleep.  Win10Home will do for the laptop.

2 thoughts on “Flashing my BIOS . .”

  1. Hmmm , , , I’m wondering if some 400 lb. guy (on a couch) in Macau (China) is enjoying your Win10 Pro License right now . . . . . .

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