5 thoughts on “Not only is the case sealed, you do not have permission to replace your battery!”

  1. Steve,

    AT UPRR, we called it “Vendor Lock-in” . . . usually a software and OS thing but Apple really makes the whole PC (including source code) a “black-box” to consumers.

      1. The info I’ve heard/read recently was focused on new Apple “laptops” that have the batteries glued in such a way that trying to remove it is likely to damage the laptop.

        Anyway for me, any Apple device is a non-starter.

        1. So based on what you’ve read, do you really believe that Apple would make it more magically difficult to get into for themselves to repair as well? And for all the little repair stores that have popped of for repair on such things? For a lot of end users, computers are all dark boxes held in mild contempt.

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