Dangerous new ransomware strikes back

A new strain of ransomware, a Petya-esque variant being called Petya/NotPetya, is swiftly spreading across the globe today, impacting tens of thousands of computers as of 2:00 p.m., PST. More powerful, professional, and dangerous than last month’s WanaCrypt0r attack, the Petya-esque ransomware uses the same EternalBlue exploit to target vulnerabilities in Microsoft’s operating system. However, unlike WanaCrypt0r, this ransomware instructs you to reboot your computer and then locks up your entire system. Long story short: if you get this infection, you’re hosed.

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Something’s phishy: How to detect phishing attempts…

Long gone are the days of the Nigerian prince email scam. Yet phishing is alive and kicking. Cybercriminals continue to use this popular social engineering technique—not just through email, but through text and phone calls as well—to bamboozle people out of their hard-earned money. Learn how phishing has evolved from crude amoeba to four-legged beast, and what signs to look out for in today’s sophisticated attacks.


OTC FYI – Common Sense and Cybersecurity

WHAT IT WILL TAKE FOR CYBERSECURITY TO BECOME COMMON SENSE – Changing your password needs to become like washing your hands after using the bathroom — a habit. We’re a long way off from that. Look both ways before you cross the street. Wash your hands before leaving the bathroom. Put a seat belt on when you get in the car. Don’t eat the yellow snow. These are all common-sense tips for safety that people have learned, whether from parents or one really embarrassing moment in the winter. But when it comes to cybersecurity, common sense is rare. Thanks to Jim Fromm, the Hawaii group’s editor/webmaster, for sending this CNET article link to APCUG. Take the PEW Research test to see how you compare to the average American. Read more at: http://cnet.co/2teQFLR

The New King of the Hill for Intel based PC’s . . .


Yes . . the new Intel I9 and AMD Ryzen CPU’s will push the consumer PC to new levels.   Much faster overall but requires new supporting hardware (compatible Mother-Boards, ddr4 ram,PCIe Gen3 x4 NVMe, usb-3/usb-c & similar to make use of the new processors.).

In fact, these systems use mucho power and generate lot’s of heat . . so new liquid cooling systems are recommended and/or required.

All the above comes at a hefty price . . . so, these systems not for everyone (yet).

All about the New I9 & Stuff

Win 10 Forums . . A free & great resource for Windows Users

So, . . . for all our current club members using MS Windows 10 . . . here is a very solid online forum that can answer your questions and help solve issues.

Don’t hesitate to register and use this great resource.   If I had to use Windows again, I would bookmark this site (for sure for sure . . . )

Note the sheer numbers of users viewing the distinct forums below – a good sign you may get a fast response.

MS Windows 10 Forums