Outlook 2007

On all my machines that I have outlook 2007 I am getting a warning on server can’t be verified or is out of date.
Option to go on button lets the email program to open and all works then. Is this only because Microsoft outlook 2007 date of use goes out this next month?
I have service pak 3 outlook installed that is what took care of this warning a few years ago.
I know its old but serves purpose. I know a lot of you don’t use Outlook and I might have to change to get past this problem.
Dennis E

How to Print Envelopes In LibreOffice . .

One of the most useful software programs available . . is LibreOffice.

It runs on most major Operating Systems (Windows, MacOS, Linux/Ubuntu and Linux/Android).

Its range of capabilities is extensive.  And it’s designed to be used freely and without hacking a proprietary license.   (e.g., “guiltfree ware”).

But, because it may not be the suite you “grew up” with on your PC Journey, the specific steps to accomplish certain tasks . . may be different than MS-Office.

So hopefully, this is the first of many posts illustrating some of the features of LibreOffice . . this post covers how to create & print custom envelopes.   Hope you learn and enjoy!

note:   the video author prepared this using OpenOffice versus LibreOffice, but the screens and functionalities are identical.

More below about the ABC’s of LibreOffice.   Simple and short video:

And Lastly but not Leastly . . . here is a more detailed but still “introductory-level” video about LibreOffice by a very well respected and intelligent author: