3 thoughts on “Phishers never take a break…”

  1. Yes, this was a lively topic of conversation at our meeting (and within our family). It turns out my info may have been compromised . . and my wife and son showed the opposite.

    So, I have to think about signing up for the free monitoring service (for a year only – – which isn’t much). And freezing the Equifax credit service . . . which I may do. Already have double the credit cards I need, and don’t anticipate any BIG purchases/contracts for a while.

    If I was still young and going into College, IT-Security seems a good thing to get into.

    1. Yikes! I noticed Equifax was advertising a web link for people to check their accounts. It sounds like an email-compromise rather than $$$. Most banks recommend you check your balance transaction daily. Grabbing it all requires signed documents. Due diligence! No mention of accounts being cleared out. Hackers indeed…most-likely a disgruntled I.T. person(s), someone unhappy sole who just left with the goods!

  2. What a stinking-lousy company Equifax is . . . several top execs sold a ton of stock a few days ahead of their announcement regarding the breach. I’ve read the FBI is investigating not only the data theft but also ALL of Equifax business practices. Hope they look at the other two also.

    It’s amazing to me that in this day and age, top company execs are so IT ignorant. You don’t have to be a geek to understand the basics. For example, why weren’t those records sandboxed into distinct containers of 5-10 gigs, with each container having it’s own unique encryption applied (strong encryption using 64 character keypass)? Then the files would be virtually useless to the hackers unless they have Super Mainframe access.

    Looks like I’ll be doing a freeze on my credit file with all 3 credit companies.

    Update 9/19/17: did a freeze today on all 4 credit agencies. That was a special experience. Experian and Innovis were at the top of the class,TransUnion in the middle, and Equifax in the dummy’s corner.

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