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What kind of free password managers do club managers use.
So far asking I have come up with “a three ring binder” and ” 3×5 cards”
We aren’t real high tech here aren’t we now.
I used RoboForm for years but it got a BOT in it somehow and I had to dump it.
No second chance for that one. Toying with LastPass free but it has some quirks I don’t like.
Should I be picky its free.

I have been using windows Defender but when I was marked as having a virus by a email server I put on my Norton.
The Norton caught the “bot” right off where as Defender didn’t even see it. Norton also found some other questionable file that I new about but again Defender didn’t see them.
This is why I question using the built in password manager in windows 10 are they as flakey as the Defender ?


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  1. I’ve used KeePassX for years (the “X” version is the Linux/Mac port).

    It runs as a portable app (no install needed) on most computing platforms:

    > Windows OS’s
    > MacOS’s
    > All Linux Distros
    > Android (KeePassDroid)
    > iPad & iPhone OS’s
    > Blackberry OS’s

    Here is download site:

    Here is “Youtube” tutorial & review.

    An even better, more detailed review here:

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