3 thoughts on “Password Manager…”

  1. I have been converting to LastPass this month after years with RoboForm.
    After working with it I have become used to use its program.
    I only wish I could store the passwords only on the individual computers instead out on their server.
    That was the thing I liked about RoboForm version I was using. I could insert the password files into the computers I wanted it on from a thumb drive and still have a password manager.

  2. Couple o thoughts . . .

    o If using mobile phone, is there a copy on “local machine” or is the runtime server side only?

    o With KeePass for MS-Windows, MacOS or Linux (KeePassX), you can run local machine (PC) or run from the USB Flash-Stick. I do the updates & encryption on local only and do the backup on Dropbox. Very happy with that service and how it works across all my systems.

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