Meerkat 76

Soooooo ..  I’m wondering if these systems will go on sale between now and years end?  I’m getting greedy with what I want .. and the $$ is rising.  And I find no data to say that the ‘tall’ case would accept an extra [sata] SSD hard drive.

Ideas … …?  !  ?

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  1. Lot’s of Choices!

    Note: the tall case is for both the I7 cpu AND the 2.5″ drives. If getting an I5, the tall case allows for all secondary storage drives.

    If I were replacing a trusty but aged desktop . . . I would opt for between “good & perfect” . . but that’s me . . . always moderate.

    So, here would be my config meerkat:

    > The Core I5 at 3.4 Mhz is plenty fast and a better value than the I7.
    > 8 or 16 GiB ram
    > 500 GiB NVme SSD (best bang for the buck imho – – no immediate need for secondary storage drive (especially considering you already have the SanDisk 500 extreme which is more than adequate for photos, ebooks and a couple dozen movies if you have those)

    IF I were getting a second internal storage drive for the meerkat, I’d get the 750 GiB 7200 rpm HDD for archive files, photos, etc. Plenty fast enough. You want the main OS and programs to be on the main SSD and run off of that including the standard “runtime” program files.

    > Re Display – – $195 is not unreasonable for a “standard 24” Matte (I stay away from glossy although my AIO Sys76 is that . . . just too much reflection. My other monitors are all Matte). I like the 1920 by 1080 on that large screen . . . very readable. The higher res screens can be real tough for long viewing.

    > Speakers and mouse are really dependent on what you already have. But for sure you want wireless for both. The Sys76 keyboard and Logitech mouse are good. For my mouse and keyboard combo, I spent about $275 because it really matters if you type a fair amount, and I for sure need a backlit keyboard for dim lighting/night use. My keyboard battery lasts about two weeks between charges.

    All total, if you get the second drive, my config’d cost was about $1600 but you can trim those things (like 2nd drive, keyboard, etc.) to suit your own needs. Yes, Sys76 is probably a couple hundred more expensive than other options, but . . . the service is outstanding compared to HP, Dell, Acer of which I have personal experience.

  2. One other suggestion – – be sure to select Ubuntu 16.04.3 instead of Ubuntu 17.10.

    16.04.3 is a Long Term Release (LTS) and supported by Canonical until April 2021. 17.10 is a 9 month supported release so by next summer, it needs to be replaced.


    1. That is certainly an option if one is fully aware of the trade-offs. I considered buying a NUC 3 or 4 years ago and popping Ubuntu on it (and “nuking” Win), but the end product would not have the advantages of the Sys76 support process. Plus, I’ve become accustomed to owning my PC OS vs renting it.

      Also, I don’t think I could take running Win anymore – e.g., the ill-designed update process, the Malware mitigation overhead, the effects of a central registry (e.g., OS corruption after a couple years.)

      Not for me (but you should do what you’re comfortable with.)

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