Ccleaner .. Professional

Used Paypal .. downloaded .. installed .. and it deletes ‘history’ every time I close the browser.    🙂

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  1. From some googling about this . . . . removing browser history, cookies etc. is considered a “feature” and some users were complaining that their Ccleaner version was no longer deleting the browser history.

    I can’t imagine that’s a default option . . not if you want the browser to work properly at commercial sites, etc.

    Here’s a page from Piriform that seems to address this topic . . kind of like creating white lists.

  2. It seems to be ‘auto’ set to clean history for FireFox. I set it to auto clean for Edge & Opera also. It just cleans history .. not passwords. My email & FB & some genealogy site passwords are saved . . . but the vast majority — especially if it involves $ — are in my head [and cheat book] only. 🙂

    1. OK, after I thought about your comment, I noted your smiley and realized you also want those files removed. There’s a fair amount of debate about the negative or positive effects of cleaning system files such as web-cache and file orphans. Typically, a PC-OS should run best (fastest) after two or three years of bug updates and system file upgrades. MS is trying to do that now with moving to a more controlled update process (rolling updates versus snapshot releases & re-installs).

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