Windows 10 . . . “Signature Edition”

Yes . . . amongst the many versions of Windows 10 that are available (home, pro, etc.), there is the little advertised clean (aka de-crapifiied) version of Windows which is available for a nominal fee (extra $$ needed to off-set adverts loss $$).

Win Signature Version – – What the hey is it???

With this version, your requirement for 3rd party extra software is reduced, so you may actually save some money  . . . . in the LONG run.


One thought on “Windows 10 . . . “Signature Edition””

  1. Did you read the comment by ‘Bob K.’ — this version will not accommodate other browsers or search engines .. and if the app you want isn’t in the Win Store – you’re out of luck. If true .. that is very restrictive! Hope all buyers understand the limitations up front.

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