OTC Meeting Agenda – 9:15am Saturday 13 Jan. 2018 @Sump Library

Following is the agenda for our club meeting this Saturday 13 January 2018:

  • Tech Update (Greg)
  • How to create a post on the OTC website (a brief refresher) (Greg)
  • LibreOffice Update – two youtube tech channel video’s (Greg)
    • New features in LibreOffice 5.4.4
    • Info regarding LibreOffice standards (from an original LO founder)
  • 10″ break (All)
  • 2018 Annual “Show and do Tell”
    • The small but “mighty” Intel NUC . . . (Trudy)
    • Open Microphone . . . any club member with new hardware or products are welcome to share a brief review
  • Prize Drawing (Dennis F & Trudy)
  • Lunch Bunch Get-Together at Village Inn (108th & L Street)

How to Check if Your PC Is Protected Against Meltdown and Spectre (MS-Windows Only) . .

For all Windows users . . . in addition to the official MS patches, there are a second set of required actions to fix the Meltdown & Spectre security flaws.

Be careful as these updates are needed for the UEFI & BIOS firmware update & can brick your PC if done incorrectly!

See the link referenced below to pull up  the HTC blog article and the video link from ZDnet.

Link to HTC Blog Article . .

ZdNet Video


Meltdown & Spectre Security Flaws . .


This is the most “widespread” security issue affecting virtually all PC’s for past 10-15 years.   To date, no known infections – – but the potential is there.

ALL#  cpu architectures have a degree of vulnerability (even phones).

# But it’s been reported that Raspberry Pi PC’s are immune from these flaws!

Initial patch  target date is:  Tuesday January 9, 2018 (for all major OS’s).

Link to Meltdown/Spectre Security Article

Info on Ubuntu based Patches

More detailed explanation about the issue – what it is and why Intel is most affected (different design, faster processing of page calls).

Link to HTG article (very good synopsis)

Another good article link below:

CSO Article Link on Meltdown & Spectre . .

Here’s a more complete (technical) explanation:

Spectre & Meltdown explained . .