windows 10 loosing activation

I read where Microsoft server was loosing some of the registration information.

Yep yesterday turned on my computer and it said not activated .

so went to setting and it said not activated tried to activate and said it didn’t have a license.  So underneath there was a tab that said to look at it.

I clicked on that and it said you are activated now.

I understand they are working on the problems with the activation server.

My point it must look at your computer every time its turned on weather it is activated with the server or it wouldn’t have faulted out yesterday when I turned mine on when the server was messed up.

Dennis E

Slugo/OTC . . Grand Finale’ Meeting Agenda (Nov 10, 2018)

A G E N D A – Omaha Tech Connect Nov 10, 2018 – start time about 09:15 to 09:30.

  • Call to Order (Bev)
  • Recap of Club History & Decision to Retire (Trudy & Dennis)
  • Canvass Members regarding starting new Computer Club (still OTC for now), but based on Ubuntu based systems including Google’s ChromeOS.
    • No Dues
    • Same Meeting Schedule (2nd Sat. each month)
    • Focus on the Ubuntu “home” based user (not for Linux SysAdmins)
    • Two Hour Meetings (versus about 3 hours for Slugo/OTC).  Times would be 0930 till 1130
    • Standard Agenda of:
      • Tech News – Tips – Q&A
      • One main presentation
  • Socialization and refreshments