Win 7 EOS (end of support) . . . is coming Jan 2020

As with XP, MS will stop bug and security updates for Windows 7 in just one short year.

And . . . . as Windows 10 has been the most annoying & problematic Windows yet, this may be a good time to try Linux on a separate internal partition or a usb v3  portable (like the small SanDisk extreme 500) SSD.

Note:  below the graphic is a link to an excellent article that just touches the surface of WHY Windows 10 is not a good solution either (just because an OS “looks good”, is no indication it is in fact a “good” OS when compared to Mac or Linux).

Win7 EOS Article



OTC Meeting Agenda . . February 9, 2019

Hopefully, we’ll be able to do an actual “Winter” meeting next month!  So, our agenda will be as listed for the January meeting.

Location:   Sump Papillion Library.

Date/Time:  Saturday 2//9/2019 at 0930 till aprox 1130.


Monthly Tech Update (Greg)

Intro to Ubuntu Linux 101 . . (Greg) . . Key Distinctions between running a Windows PC versus Ubuntu.   This is about getting on the “right path” and not carrying any unneeded Windows baggage.

Q & A and Opportunity for suggesting new presentation topics (including presenting if so inclined).


Windows 10 . . . making windows fragmentation way worse . . .

Good article by HTG (How to Geek) blog.

OTG on Win10 fragmentation . .

Shows percentages of Win10 users running different upgrade builds.  It’s really interesting to see that over 80% of Win10 users are still running on an old upgrade (April 2018) versus the newest upgrade (Oct 2018).

What’s up with that???   Never have seen anything like that since I started running Linux way back in 2003.  In other words, MS doesn’t feel confident in releasing wide scale updates to bring everyone together on the current build!  (simply unbelievable!)