15 db improvement on my wifi!

Android tablets have became my primary leisure computing machines, so I’ve been free to migrate from the computer room to my basement mancave, where the TV is larger, and the remote control is MINE. But the wifi was weak/slow, and got worse when my current docsys 3.0 gateway replaced separate modem and router. I knew about wifi extenders, but feared they were difficult to install and sometimes not all that effective. But when I saw that Aldi had one for $19.99, I decided ‘what the heck’. I paid cash, opened the package carefully, and kept the receipt — to facilitate a refund, just in case. I am very pleased.

I downloaded an app to my tablet that made it 1-2-3 easy to wirelessly link the new extender/repeater to my gateway. It even generated an SSID for the additional wifi signal, by adding ‘_Extd’ to mySSID. I regularly use several Android apps, ‘Wifi Analyzer’ to show the signal strength of wifi signals my tablet detects, and ‘Speedtest’ to show the download and upload speeds of the wifi I’m connected to. They both confirm my subjective impressions.

When I connect directly to my router, er gateway, my tablet indicates a ‘Strong’ 26Mbps signal, Wifi Analyzer shows the signal strength is -65db, on channel 1, which is 2412 MHz, and Speedtest indicates about 10 Mbps d/l and 13 Mbps u/l speeds. When I connect instead to _Extd, the extender/repeater, my tablet indates a ‘Very Strong’, 72Mbps signal. More significantly, Wifi Analyzer shows my signal strength improves 15db to -50db, on channel 40, 5200 MHz, and Speedtest shows about 20 Mbps download and 15 Mbps upload.

So how much stronger is a 15db inpovement? 3db is double, 10db is ten times, and 20db is a hundred times stronger — so somewhere between 10x and 100x! It’s the best 20 bucks I’ve spent recently!

–Lucky Luby, aka Steve


Safe Download Sites

You’ve likely heard me grouse about how the old reliable download sites now accompany their freeware with generous sides of other ‘stuff’. The linked article has a list of (at that moment) safer sites, and a smallprint way to avoid the ‘stuff’ on the other sites.

Safe software download sites – Beware of deceptive download links & PUPs