Using Bleachbit on Ubuntu

Yes, you can use Bleachbit on Ubuntu but for a slightly different reason.   Like all Operating Systems, Linux flavors do get extra file accumulation.

In the Linux OS, this doesn’t slow down your system but it does take extra space that could other be used on a smaller SSD such as my 120 Gig SanDisk.

So, here’s a ten minute youtube video explaining how to use it as well as doing some preliminary “manual” cleanup via the Terminal (aka CLI – command line interface).

The presenter obviously is South_Central Asian, so please pay close attention as he covers this material (which also can be run on MacOS or Windows).

Windows 10 . . . “Signature Edition”

Yes . . . amongst the many versions of Windows 10 that are available (home, pro, etc.), there is the little advertised clean (aka de-crapifiied) version of Windows which is available for a nominal fee (extra $$ needed to off-set adverts loss $$).

Win Signature Version – – What the hey is it???

With this version, your requirement for 3rd party extra software is reduced, so you may actually save some money  . . . . in the LONG run.


Agenda: OTC Christmas Party Meeting Sat. 12/9/2017 9:15 am

Yea, the next meeting is our Christmas bash for good company, eats and maybe a bit o’ tech mixed in.

Christmas brunch (snacks and such!)

Elections of Planning Committee Members

Mini Demo #1 – Trudy will advise how to delete Facebook content and profiles

Mini Demo #2 – Steve will display his newest hardware . . a Samsung Chromebook Plus

Door Prizes and Member Goody Bags


3 Laptop Makers disabling Intel ME . . (excellent!)

This is great news and kudos are due these 3 companies:



System76 . .

In case some club members are not aware, there are hidden PC’s within PC’s on Intel (and probably other CPU manufacturer’s also, that exclude users from fully controlling their own hardware).   This is a security risk because this is no fix for it . . . until now.

Link to article re 3 laptop makers and intel ME


System76 Cyber Monday – $155 to $910 off

IF , , , there are any remaining club members looking for new hardware (probably not as about a half-dozen of us have upgraded this year or the last couple years) but if still looking . . . savings of $155 (Meerkat) to $910 (Silverback) are pretty awesome!

Plus TCO (total cost of ownership) is generally less for Linux based systems – – especially for setup and update support.

Sys76 Sales