OmahaTechConnect – Agenda for 8 October 2016

Hello Club Members & Guests!  Here is the agenda for our next meeting at

the Papillion Sump Library . . @0900 8 October 2016.


  • Greg will do the Tech & Website Update (including how to make a post and how to view posts and comments via lists).
  • Greg will ask our members at the meeting to share a “favorite website of the month” . . . website doesn’t have to be Tech only, just interesting and fun is great!
  • Our second newest member, John (JP) Moloney will preview the Firefox plugin “uBlock” and why he likes it!
  • Trudy will provide more interesting info about her ongoing Win10 updates!
  • Optional Topics (time permitting):

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Rambox – Free X Platform Messaging & Services

Rambox is a Windows, MacOS & Linux messaging & services app that does it all – check it out on the link provided on next page . . (very nice tool!).   If you do just 2 or 3 of these apps or services, it can simplify using your PC.   (not available for phone or tablet yet . . )

In other words . . Rambox is a free, open-source messaging and email app that groups all your favourite web apps into one easy-to-manage window.



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New Categories . .

Just a quick note to let everyone know I’ve updated and added to the site “categories”.    I’m trying to make the categories more targeted and descriptive of the actual content being posted.

This update is not set-in-stone, but is ongoing . . . e.g., a “work-in-progress.”   If anyone can wants a category changed or added – – send me an email and we’ll look into it (the club board).   Thanks!