Win10 Anniversary Ed. Update . .

Some reports of data loss on partitions sharing same drive as Win10.

IF, you’ve setup a data partition on current largish SSD’s, or HDD’s . . it may be worth the time to back-up to external device, separate hdd, or Cloud before commencing the update . . . .

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Xenial Xerus . . 1st Maintenance Release


Note to current OTC Ubuntu users . . if you haven’t done so already, be sure to apply your “system updates”.   See official announcements for details:   Release Notes

Also, “Wily Werewolf” (Ubuntu 15.10) reaches EOL (end of life) on Saturday, July 30, 2016.   Please update by then to ensure a smooth upgrade.




MS – Critical Patch Release – All Versions


MS has just released a critical patch for all “supported” versions of Windows.    It is an issue caused by insecure installment of printer drivers from bogus server sites (often “posing” as valid sites).

It turns out, in order to make Windows even easier to use for the low-information user, . . . MS disabled a built in security feature:

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