Top Auto Makers to Standardize on Linux for Infotainment Systems . .

Mercedes, Toyota, Mazda, Ford and the majority of Automotive Mfgs will standardize their customer facing displays (gps, web, bluetooth, diagnostics, etc. etc etc.) on the Linux platform.   All the top Linux distros are involved (Debian/Ubuntu, Fedora, Suse) and are contributing to the new standard.   And the whole venture is Open-Source so no company has to reinvent the wheel or get “vendor lock-in” . . . NICE.

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Firefox – Massive Changes by Year End . .

As some our our members may already know, Firefox is undergoing significant change this year. By the end of 2017 . . when version 57 rolls out, the changes will be fully implemented.

Essentially, Firefox is moving to the same technology as Google’s Chrome browser (and the open source version of that – – “Chromium”).

Lot’s of reasons for that – too long for this format, but bottom line, it’s just better.

Here’s some additional info below:

Addicted to Your Smart Phone (???) . . .

This article has a ring of truth to it . . . think about some of the signs you’ve personally observed.

Anyway – – the article talks about some common sense ways to curb back on this low value behaviour:

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