UPS “Follow My Delivery” – Realtime Tracking Maps

UPS now offers realtime package tracking.   It’s called “Follow My Delivery”.   The pic above shows the UPS truck with my package delivering in the neighborhood across the street . . my house show in lower right quadrant.   Package arrived in evening versus morning as initially shown.

UPS Link

Excellent New Browser – Vivaldi

Over the past 18 months, a new browser has been entering the PC market and getting a lot of attention for it’s innovative features.

It’s called “Vivaldi” and is a product of the original Opera development team along with new team members from the Chromium project.


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Orange-Pi – Single Board PC ($20)


Runs any version of the “Buntu” family (Ubuntu, Xubuntu, Edubuntu, Elementary OS, etc.).

Just use your late-model LED TV (with hdmi port/cable), add a case, wireless keyboard/touchpad combo, nano usb wireless dongle and you’ve got a functioning “new PC” for less than $75.

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