Intel gets into high-end GPU’ing . . . Competing with nVidia & AMD

Well, it’s about time – – would like to see more competition yet.

While current Intel gpu chipsets do fine with 90% of 3d accelerated graphics, they don’t handle high-end graphics “efficiently” (high-end gaming, extensive media editing, etc.).

Fossbytes Link re New Intel GPU Cards

Bluetooth 5.0 is Coming . . . So ???

Yes, the latest and greatest Bluetooth standard is completed and devices are slowly becoming available this year.   What’s the big deal?   Should we run out and get BTv5 devices??  Chris Hoffman at HTG provides the details in his tech blog.


  • Much better power mgmt
  • Much better distance (800 feet versus 200 for BTv4.2)
  • It’s backwards compatible
  • Dual-Audio (get sound to two different outputs simultaneously)

Con’s ($$$)

But . . . the pros only apply if both devices are BTv5 compatible (so, new headphones, speakers, audio/video systems, yada,yada,yada).

More details here:   HTG Bluetooth 5 Article Link