How to install Windows on an “external” drive . . .

Since about 2003 or 2004, one of the “hands-down” best advantages Linux users enjoyed was the capability to run a “Live” OS from a cd/dvd, usb thumb-drive or SSD drive (like the SanDisk 500 Extreme).

Additionally, if run from an SSD, these “Live” OS’s can actually be installed & behave as if the OS was running from the internal drive – – while not making any changes to the PC OS or files at all!   Pull the drive from the usb connection and your PC boots normally as before.

So, beside the fun part of it, running a Live OS has some major pluses (e.g., file recovery & fixing all kinds of issues in a “safe way”).   I’ve been advocating for this kind of capability in Windows for a long time and really wonder why Windows users haven’t demanded MS provide this invaluable tool . .  well, I guess part of the answer is that ONLY MS “owns” the OS (and thus can choose to add a feature . . or not).

Well, things are finally changing for the better.   There’s an app and a method now to run an installed version of Windows 10 (not 7 though) on an external usb drive (need a PC newer than about 2009).

If interested (and who wouldn’t be if fully aware of the pluses) – – click on the read more tag for the full article and how-to.

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Can anyone shed light on Perry Johnson’s Hosed Windows System . . ?

Yesterday Perry Johnson sent the following to the Omaha Tech Connect board members.  (as you may or may not know, Perry was a former President of Slugo and is still an active member in OTC).

The message is a request for info and ideas about what next steps he might do or check into . . To keep our answers together and thread-able, please use the comments feature and I’ll forward the link back to Perry – thanks.

“Ladies and Gentlemen,
    Based upon the situation described below, if I may, I have two simple questions:  Have I been impaled by a spiral fastening device?  If not, where do I go in Omaha to restore this poor laptop?
    This loyal laptop was chugging along on the free Windows 10.  Before trips I usually back stuff up to an external drive.  I had a much-needed time in the mountains without news during this fall’s trip to Mueller State Park.
    I came back and discovered that a hurricane was threatening Cissie.  So, a day after returning from pine trees and deer, I hopped into another plane to rush to help my bride — without backing up any of the work I had done when talking to the trees.  Tsk!  Tsk!
    A few days later, I turned on the laptop to see the screen below about “Starting Watchdog Installation.”  I unsuccessfully tried to start the laptop several times.  Then, I unwisely started to play with the Function Keys.  I came to an option to redo Windows.  I opted for this with hope.  Unfortunately, the lengthy process reloaded Windows 7.  None of the other software and data files were either visible or accessible.
    Was my goof as bad as I believe it was?
    (I had to spend some time to get far enough to send this email.)
Thank you,
Perry the Unwise”