Recovering from Ransomware with an Online Backup

So you are aware of ransomware, but find it a little confusing and a somewhat  nebulous a topic. The attached document will let you attack the topic at your own pace term by term, bit by bit. It has multiple hyperlinks to get you to the sources for easily digestible information. askleo ransomeware

Study: Over 75 percent of Fifth and Eighth Graders Not Proficient in 21st Century Skills

Study: Over 75 percent of Fifth and Eighth Graders Not Proficient in 21st Century Skills

8/23/2017 8:56:00 PM

A recent multi-year study by revealed that 75 percent of fifth and eighth graders are non-proficient in 21st century skills. The research, which involved more than 110,000 students taking’s 21st Century Skills Assessment from 2012-2017, measures the digital literacy skills outlined in the ISTE Student Standards. The company’s research also demonstrated that providing students with access to tools for building digital literacy skills can help close the skills gap.

In Texas, more than 10,000 eighth grade students from across 251 districts took’s 21st Century Skills Assessment. After working with the company’s tools during the school year, non users had gains in proficiency between the pre- and post-test of 4.6 percent, while consistent users had gains in proficiency of 20.1 percent, more than four times that of non-users.

This study only confirms what any teacher who observes his/her students daily already knows.


Firefox 51 . . Major Update Available

It’s great to see the Mozilla Foundation updating Firefox with “substantial” improvements . . . features currently exclusive to FF:

This video provides a glimpse of what these new technologies will offer . . the video running on FF-51 with new 3d emulator:

Link to Mozilla Firefox 51 Update Article