Raspberry Pi Has Sold Over 10 Million Units


Raspberry Pi has achieved a milestone. . over 10 million units sold.  These kits appeal to those that also like things like Legos, Chemistry Kits, and PC Builders.   The Linux based SBC (single board computer) has an amazing track record of uses and projects.

In the UK, “Code Club” is geared to introducing this low cost technology to kids . .


Since its launch in 2012, Code Club has helped establish over 3,800 clubs in the UK and over 1,000 clubs in 70 other countries. Run by volunteers, Code Clubs focus on giving 9-11 year olds the opportunity to make things with computers. Right now over 44,000 young people regularly attend Code Clubs in the UK alone, around 40% of whom are girls.

Starter kits plus computer sell for about $75 to $125 usd.

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Raspberry Pi . . . In Space

Short and interesting video for our Raspberry Pi enthusiasts.   Steve L and I attended a demo this past Tuesday (7/5/2016) . . about “OpenHab” at the “Omaha Linux Users Group” (OLUG) . . in that case, the Pi was used as a smart controller for home automation.

In this case, the Pi is used to conduct very cool experiments on the ISS.

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