CCleaner Hacked

CCleaner was hacked I can’t get a good url to post but if you google Ccleaner hack it will bring up a story or two about the hack. The hack effects 32bit version and updates around sept 12-15 .

If you got a version that was updated lately its good to check.
I have an old version and I don’t do updates on that one.

Maybe someone could clean this url up so its a hot link.  (done – Greg)

Link to CC Cleaner Hack (Tom’s Hardware)

Link to”The Verge” Tech about CrapCleaner Hack

Dennis E

Recovering from Ransomware with an Online Backup

So you are aware of ransomware, but find it a little confusing and a somewhat  nebulous a topic. The attached document will let you attack the topic at your own pace term by term, bit by bit. It has multiple hyperlinks to get you to the sources for easily digestible information. askleo ransomeware