Win10 Anniversary Ed. Update . .

Some reports of data loss on partitions sharing same drive as Win10.

IF, you’ve setup a data partition on current largish SSD’s, or HDD’s . . it may be worth the time to back-up to external device, separate hdd, or Cloud before commencing the update . . . .

Curious about new features? . . . . Looky Here: Continue reading “Win10 Anniversary Ed. Update . .”

URGENT Firefox update . .

I know it looks legit — but this is a scam — don’t fall for it!

Look at the address it is coming from – it is NOT  I’ve had several ‘attacks’ pop up  this week – and simply go back a page, but that may not be the best idea – I don’t know.  I have been scanning my system and nothing is found, so I’m feeling OK.  Decided to install an adblocker today – one recommended in several Mozilla forums – so hope that will help.  But wanted to let those who use FireFox browser know there is a false update being pushed by hackers.

Safe Download Sites

You’ve likely heard me grouse about how the old reliable download sites now accompany their freeware with generous sides of other ‘stuff’. The linked article has a list of (at that moment) safer sites, and a smallprint way to avoid the ‘stuff’ on the other sites.

Safe software download sites – Beware of deceptive download links & PUPs