Containerizing Facebook via Firefox Extensions . .

Per the folks at “MakeTechEasier” – – Firefox users can now disable Facebook privacy intrusions (especially tracking of browsing history from your other open tabs).

This is done by “containerizing” Facebook so it doesn’t have view, save, write, etc. capability outside of the container.

See this article for more specifics (note – – this is easy to setup but it disables some FB features).

MakeTechEasier blog re Facebook Containerization via Firefox Extension


Facebook Drops the Ball . . .

Just another “word to the wise” . . . be very cautious about unsolicited “surveys, questionnaires” etc. via web, email or even phone.

ZDnet recap of Facebook Failure . .

Furthermore, don’t allow site access via 3rd party sites . . (note the very last sentence of the article on how to access the Facebook page with your settings for 3rd party app access . . )