How to Check if Your PC Is Protected Against Meltdown and Spectre (MS-Windows Only) . .

For all Windows users . . . in addition to the official MS patches, there are a second set of required actions to fix the Meltdown & Spectre security flaws.

Be careful as these updates are needed for the UEFI & BIOS firmware update & can brick your PC if done incorrectly!

See the link referenced below to pull up  the HTC blog article and the video link from ZDnet.

Link to HTC Blog Article . .

ZdNet Video


Meltdown & Spectre Security Flaws . .


This is the most “widespread” security issue affecting virtually all PC’s for past 10-15 years.   To date, no known infections – – but the potential is there.

ALL#  cpu architectures have a degree of vulnerability (even phones).

# But it’s been reported that Raspberry Pi PC’s are immune from these flaws!

Initial patch  target date is:  Tuesday January 9, 2018 (for all major OS’s).

Link to Meltdown/Spectre Security Article

Info on Ubuntu based Patches

More detailed explanation about the issue – what it is and why Intel is most affected (different design, faster processing of page calls).

Link to HTG article (very good synopsis)

Another good article link below:

CSO Article Link on Meltdown & Spectre . .

Here’s a more complete (technical) explanation:

Spectre & Meltdown explained . .

GoodBye! . . . 32 bit Operating Systems . . .

Yet another nail in the coffin for PC’s still running a 32 bit OS.   So, if there are several club members who still want to run 32 bit . . . . might want to start planning an upgrade to current technology.

This decision will affect all 32-bit systems i.e. Linux, FreeBSD, Microsoft Window 7, Microsoft Windows 8/8.1, and Microsoft Windows 10.

Link to “itsfoss” article re 32 bit demise . .

Windows 10 . . . “Signature Edition”

Yes . . . amongst the many versions of Windows 10 that are available (home, pro, etc.), there is the little advertised clean (aka de-crapifiied) version of Windows which is available for a nominal fee (extra $$ needed to off-set adverts loss $$).

Win Signature Version – – What the hey is it???

With this version, your requirement for 3rd party extra software is reduced, so you may actually save some money  . . . . in the LONG run.


3 Laptop Makers disabling Intel ME . . (excellent!)

This is great news and kudos are due these 3 companies:



System76 . .

In case some club members are not aware, there are hidden PC’s within PC’s on Intel (and probably other CPU manufacturer’s also, that exclude users from fully controlling their own hardware).   This is a security risk because this is no fix for it . . . until now.

Link to article re 3 laptop makers and intel ME