Facebook Drops the Ball . . .

Just another “word to the wise” . . . be very cautious about unsolicited “surveys, questionnaires” etc. via web, email or even phone.

ZDnet recap of Facebook Failure . .

Furthermore, don’t allow site access via 3rd party sites . . (note the very last sentence of the article on how to access the Facebook page with your settings for 3rd party app access . . )


New Linux Kernel – No More “Meltdown-Slowdown” . .

Informative post by Greg Kroah-Hartman concerning substantial speed increases in the latest Linux kernel.   This matters because it mitigates the recent negative affects of the Meltdown patches.

For the clubs Mint & Ubuntu users . . . these systems will have normalized speed WITHOUT requiring additional patches OR risky micro-code firmware updates (yes!!).

Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, the recently named “Bionic Beaver“, will most likely be shipping with a Linux 4.15-based kernel. (per Michael Larabel at Phoronix . . Phoronix eBlog)