OTC Meeting Agenda – 9:15am Saturday 13 Jan. 2018 @Sump Library

Following is the agenda for our club meeting this Saturday 13 January 2018:

  • Tech Update (Greg)
  • How to create a post on the OTC website (a brief refresher) (Greg)
  • LibreOffice Update – two youtube tech channel video’s (Greg)
    • New features in LibreOffice 5.4.4
    • Info regarding LibreOffice standards (from an original LO founder)
  • 10″ break (All)
  • 2018 Annual “Show and do Tell”
    • The small but “mighty” Intel NUC . . . (Trudy)
    • Open Microphone . . . any club member with new hardware or products are welcome to share a brief review
  • Prize Drawing (Dennis F & Trudy)
  • Lunch Bunch Get-Together at Village Inn (108th & L Street)

Agenda: OTC Christmas Party Meeting Sat. 12/9/2017 9:15 am

Yea, the next meeting is our Christmas bash for good company, eats and maybe a bit o’ tech mixed in.

Christmas brunch (snacks and such!)

Elections of Planning Committee Members

Mini Demo #1 – Trudy will advise how to delete Facebook content and profiles

Mini Demo #2 – Steve will display his newest hardware . . a Samsung Chromebook Plus

Door Prizes and Member Goody Bags


Computer Club Meeting Agenda (10/14/2017)

Agenda for OTC Meeting on October 14th, 2017 @ 0915 . .

Note:   the meeting will be at the “DoSpace” instead of Sump Library  (yes . . . more construction and usual late notice).

  • Tech Update & examples of how to freeze your credit files (Greg)
  • CC Cleaner Hack (Trudy)
  • Super Stylus Device (John)
  • New Hardware Show & Tell (Dennis F.)
  • Prize Raffle (Trudy & Dennis F.)

Meeting Agenda: Sat. 9/9/2017

Hello Omaha Tech Connect members and guests:   Below is the meeting agenda for Saturday 9 September 2017.   We will meet at Sump Library and the meeting will start between 9:15 and 9:30 am to allow for setup.

Agenda Items:

1).   Tech update and website review {Greg}

2).   Proton Mail:  a secure new email service for everyone {Greg}

3).   10″ Break

4).   Open Discussion of Computing “Form Factors” (physical styles of PC’s like Towers, Laptops, AIO (All-in-One’s), Mini Box, Stick-PC’s)).

5).   Door-prize raffle {Dennis & Trudy}

6).   Lunch Bunch Count and Meeting Wrap-Up {Beverly or Greg}

OTC Meeting Agenda for Aug 12, 2017 @ Sump Library . . 9 AM.

  • Greg will present the OTC Tech Update.
  • Greg will also demo “CherryTree” . . . a program that stores all kinds of data and encrypts it for safe storage on your local device(s) or the cloud (Dropbox, etc.).
  • Break between presentations.
  • Jo Irvin has volunteered to demo the photo customization.program/method she uses on her laptop.
  • John Moloney will show us how he does 360° Virtual Reality (VR) photography . . . . NOTE:   this presentation is postponed until the September or October meeting.
  • Door Prize Drawing by Trudy DeKuester and Dennis Fleming.
Meeting Wrap-Up and Confirm Lunch Bunch Count . . .

OTC Meeting Agenda for July 8, 2017 . . .

  • Presentations and Participation:   by John Moloney,
  • Let’s Play Games:  by Trudy DeKeuster and John Moloney,
  • Necessary Apps for Android Phones and Tablets:   by the OTC Android SIG,
  • Installing CC-Cleaner on a Thumb Drive:   by Dennis Fleming,
  • Inxi – a Command Line Tool for Linux to quickly fetch hardware specs:  Greg Arndt
  • Tech News Update & Members Q & A (if time permits):   by Greg Arndt
  • Door Prize Drawing:   by Trudy DeKuester and Dennis Fleming
  • Meeting wrap-up and Lunch Bunch headcount

OTC Meeting Agenda – June 10th 2017

Agenda for June 10th Meeting at 9am on 6/10/2017 @ the Sump Library in scenic downtown Papillion . . 

Greg:    Tech News and website articles review (including a couple “off topic” posts of interest).

Leo:   Using the Raspberry PI for media streaming and playback.

Dennis F:   “What the Hey is in your PC anyway!! ??? ”

(Open-Anyone):   Favorite fun activity game on your PC

Trudy & Dennis F:   “Round & Round She Go’s” . . . Prize Drawing

(Open-Anyone):   Confirm who’s coming to the “Lunch-Bunch” at Village Inn