Agenda: OTC Christmas Party Meeting Sat. 12/9/2017 9:15 am

Yea, the next meeting is our Christmas bash for good company, eats and maybe a bit o’ tech mixed in.

Christmas brunch (snacks and such!)

Elections of Planning Committee Members

Mini Demo #1 – Trudy will advise how to delete Facebook content and profiles

Mini Demo #2 – Steve will display his newest hardware . . a Samsung Chromebook Plus

Door Prizes and Member Goody Bags


3 Laptop Makers disabling Intel ME . . (excellent!)

This is great news and kudos are due these 3 companies:



System76 . .

In case some club members are not aware, there are hidden PC’s within PC’s on Intel (and probably other CPU manufacturer’s also, that exclude users from fully controlling their own hardware).   This is a security risk because this is no fix for it . . . until now.

Link to article re 3 laptop makers and intel ME


System76 Cyber Monday – $155 to $910 off

IF , , , there are any remaining club members looking for new hardware (probably not as about a half-dozen of us have upgraded this year or the last couple years) but if still looking . . . savings of $155 (Meerkat) to $910 (Silverback) are pretty awesome!

Plus TCO (total cost of ownership) is generally less for Linux based systems – – especially for setup and update support.

Sys76 Sales


I splurged . . again


Out of curiosity, I found the sales slip for my currant SONY monitor .. which I thought I bought at a swap meet.  Not so … bought 11/23/2004 from NFM ..   a Black Friday Sale + $100 mail-in rebate .. monitor + tax + 3 yr warranty = $802.50 before the rebate.

I retired in 2004 .. so this monitor has been on nearly every day for HOURS and still works/looks like new.  The grandkids will use it now.

I wanted something new with an HDMI plug .. and Newegg had a 24hr sale .. so ..  ASUS MX259H 25″ 5ms Dual HDMI Widescreen LED Backlight LCD monitor IPS Panel …. $189.99 and free shipping.  Has built-in sound/speaker system by Bang & Olufsen ..  one less peripheral to plug into the NUC.    🙂

Next week is going to crawl by as I wait for the Fedex man . . .