Firefox 57 Quantum . . Released Today!!!

Good News on the Browser front-lines . . . the Mozilla Foundation has officially released their completely re-written browser engine and user interface.

See Here:     Firefox Home

Get more details at HTG:   How to Geek Link

For our Ubuntu users . . . best to wait and get it when the official repo’s are populated . . (next day or two).

Samsung Moving Ahead with Phones Offering Ubuntu . .

For power users, web developers, native app developers, Samsung is moving full ahead with offering phones that dual boot Ubuntu (and other distros) when plugged into a cradle & connected to keyboard/mouse.

Windows 10 already does this but for Command Line Interface (CLI – Terminal) only (no gui).

But, Samsung is doing it right – by boldly offering the complete Linux graphical desktop.   Look for Google to be doing this next with their Nexus line (imho).

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Summary of Krack Hack . . . Who’s at Risk?

After reading close to a dozen articles about this significant WiFi hack, I want to summarize the key few points that can protect you from being exploited:

  • The attacks are difficult to implement as they require proximity to the WiFi network . . . so home users are safer than public wifi users.
  • For your most sensitive sites (like Banks, etc.), enable two-factor authentication so if someone does implement the hack, they still will require having your phone or access to your email acct to see the two factor PIN.
  • Of the 7 Major Operating Systems . . you’re protected if you’ve applied the patches for Apple OS’s (IoS, MacOS) – – Windows – – ChromeOS – – Linux – – BSD (Unix) BUT Android Users need to be careful as Android has a POOR track record for patches and updates compared to the aforementioned OS.s.
  • A “GNU/Linux” based replacement for Android is tentatively scheduled for release in 2019 – – which “may” (doubtful) spur more pro-activity by current Android vendors Librem 5 Phone Link