Is Windows 10 Desktop . . Changing Radically . . ? (Yes & No)

UPDATE Aug 3 2018:

As it turns out, the transition to the “DaaS” design referenced below does “not” apply to consumer installs of Win10 . . . but IS targeted for business and large organizations (military, education, etc.).

HTG Article re Win10 “DaaS”


Original Post:

Interesting article – – Windows 10 Desktop going to “DaaS” (Desktop as a Service).   Sort of like Office 365 that is rented by the month . .

ComputerWorld Article re Windows 10 Changes


New “Mintbox Mini” Desktop . . 5 Year Warranty

The new MintBox Mini (4th gen) offers a great price and warranty.   It features a new Intel Quad-Core Celeron and 8 Gigs of ram for $349.oo.

These units are built to last 10-15 years.    I’ve seen the prior version in operation at Omaha LUG and it’s fast and totally SILENT.   We already have two club members happily running very similar systems.

OMG! Blog re 4th Gen MintBox Mini

WPA3 – New WiFi Standard & Devices Coming Soon . . .

This post will update a previous post about the same topic, but includes the latest info.   WPA3 is a substantial improvement over the current WPA2 ecosphere.

It features 4 Main new or improved functionalities:

  • Privacy on Public WiFi Networks
  • Protection against “Brute Force” attacks
  • Easier connection to “Non-Display” computing devices (aka, Amazon Echo & many similar IoT type of hardware)
  • Higher Security for Gov, Defense and Industrial (& Business) organizations

When will it be available . . . ??  Hardware and software updates slated for release starting in 4q 2018 (although some devices from last half of 2017 are already wpa3 capable — but not activated).

HTG Article re WPA3