Krack WiFi Vulnerabilities

In case you haven’t yet read about the “Krack” wifi security issues – below is a link that explains the whole situation.

But you should know that patches have been issued by most major software and router companies (MS, Apple, Ubuntu, Netgear, etc.) . . . BUT, patches are no good if not installed.

So, check your systems (routers, AP’s, laptops, desktops of ALL OS’s to apply the patch if not already done).

Wired Article re Krack Hack . .

F35 Design Specs Hacked . . due to . .

Due to a scenario that could affect every member of our computer club . . . a weak default user id and password on a network router.   IF that’s combined with a faulty security setup for your wireless network . . it leaves your data “wide-open” . . .

Link to article re F35 Hack, Aussie Air Force

Ubuntu’s “Artful Aardvark” (17.10) Available 10/19 . .

The latest version of Ubuntu, named “Artful Aardvark” goes golden on Thursday October 19, 2017.   LOT’s of changes for this 9 month supported release . . . see the link below for details.

BTW:  the next “Long-Term Support (LTS)” release is slated for April 2018.  As an LTS . . it will have a 5 Year support life cycle.


Link to “It’s FOSS” article re Artful Aardvark . .