Orange-Pi – Single Board PC ($20)


Runs any version of the “Buntu” family (Ubuntu, Xubuntu, Edubuntu, Elementary OS, etc.).

Just use your late-model LED TV (with hdmi port/cable), add a case, wireless keyboard/touchpad combo, nano usb wireless dongle and you’ve got a functioning “new PC” for less than $75.

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USB v3 Hub (revised . . 7 Nov)


The other day, without much forethought, I was about to purchase a “generic” 4 port usb hub because I’m using more and more storage devices such as my SanDisk Extreme 500 Portable SSD 120GB . . . that I purchased in March.

Furthermore . . . .  last week, I installed “Solus OS” on the SanDisk, but I realized if I want to take full advantage of the rated speed (415 MB/s . . . yes, 415 MB/s), . . . it needed a usbv3 port! . . .  (which are in short supply  on my Acer laptop).  In fact, I have only 1 such port on that machine.

So,  I opted to get the above Sabrent v3 hub.  I’m a bit surprised that I hadn’t thought of this before.

Now, I’m absolutely looking forward to demo’ing both devices at one of our next meetings.   A full linux OS on a very small SSD with usbv3 is like having 2 PC’s.  The speed and functionality are  amazing.

Sabrent USB

Info on the SanDisk device available below . . . links direct to my prior post here at OmahaTechConnect . . .

SanDisk Extreme 500 . . Portable SSD


Canonical Patches Ancient “Dirty COW” Kernel Bug in All Supported Ubuntu OSes

A significant Linux kernel bug has been patched today by Canonical.   Club members running any Ubuntu derived OS (Mint, Elementary, etc.) should manually trigger your OS updater to apply the patch.

If running Android on Tablets/Phones, users may need to check with their OEM as to patch timing.   Club members running Chromebooks will receive the updates automatically from Google in the next day or two.


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