Live Sharing of Videos and Desktops during OTC Meetings . .

A handy tool to share your desktops (from phone, tablet or PC) during a club meeting.  Link below the graphic explains basic setup.   Best to also test on your digital TV at home.

Note that the PC can be a Chromebook or running Windows, Linux, MacOS but does require the Chrome browser on the PC and “Google Home” app on the other devices.


Chromecast Setup Article

New Linux Kernel – No More “Meltdown-Slowdown” . .

Informative post by Greg Kroah-Hartman concerning substantial speed increases in the latest Linux kernel.   This matters because it mitigates the recent negative affects of the Meltdown patches.

For the clubs Mint & Ubuntu users . . . these systems will have normalized speed WITHOUT requiring additional patches OR risky micro-code firmware updates (yes!!).

Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, the recently named “Bionic Beaver“, will most likely be shipping with a Linux 4.15-based kernel. (per Michael Larabel at Phoronix . . Phoronix eBlog)

LibreOffice 6.0 Released . . with Many Enhancements

LO 6 has some impressive new features:  (for example, strong gpg file encryption),  which is a major plus for any document with sensitive info.

Did you know: Over 25 million people use LibreOffice worldwide?

libreoffice 6.0 splashscreen

The new LibreOffice 6 Splashscreen

LibreOffice Official Download Link


Warning . . re patches for Meltdown/Spectre . .

Lots and lots of online articles about the very negative consequences of just applying the fixes (patches) to all modern cpu’s of last two decades . .

As I relayed at the last meeting, in early January after applying one of the patches to a particular haswell based Intel cpu (System76 Sable AIO), the machine would not complete the startup boot sequence.   I had to reboot and select the prior running kernel (only happened twice in 18 years).   This is unacceptable for the average user.

For the millions of business, govt, edu, science and similar users, the problem is way worse.   All major cpu makers affected (Intel, AMD, ARM) for either Meltdown, Spectre or both.   (Spectre has several branches).

For those in doubt, here’s a post by the worlds foremost computer science engineer – Linus Torvalds:

Torvalds on Meltdown/Spectre Situation

How to Check if Your PC Is Protected Against Meltdown and Spectre (MS-Windows Only) . .

For all Windows users . . . in addition to the official MS patches, there are a second set of required actions to fix the Meltdown & Spectre security flaws.

Be careful as these updates are needed for the UEFI & BIOS firmware update & can brick your PC if done incorrectly!

See the link referenced below to pull up  the HTC blog article and the video link from ZDnet.

Link to HTC Blog Article . .

ZdNet Video