How to install Windows on an “external” drive . . .

Since about 2003 or 2004, one of the “hands-down” best advantages Linux users enjoyed was the capability to run a “Live” OS from a cd/dvd, usb thumb-drive or SSD drive (like the SanDisk 500 Extreme).

Additionally, if run from an SSD, these “Live” OS’s can actually be installed & behave as if the OS was running from the internal drive – – while not making any changes to the PC OS or files at all!   Pull the drive from the usb connection and your PC boots normally as before.

So, beside the fun part of it, running a Live OS has some major pluses (e.g., file recovery & fixing all kinds of issues in a “safe way”).   I’ve been advocating for this kind of capability in Windows for a long time and really wonder why Windows users haven’t demanded MS provide this invaluable tool . .  well, I guess part of the answer is that ONLY MS “owns” the OS (and thus can choose to add a feature . . or not).

Well, things are finally changing for the better.   There’s an app and a method now to run an installed version of Windows 10 (not 7 though) on an external usb drive (need a PC newer than about 2009).

If interested (and who wouldn’t be if fully aware of the pluses) – – click on the read more tag for the full article and how-to.

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New “Zesty Zapus” Default Wallpapers Just Released . .

What’s a “Zapus” anyway . . . ??

Well, it’s the North American Meadow Jumping Mouse.   And there are plenty of them in Nebraska!   It’s also the latest short-term release of Ubuntu – it will be available for download in April.

If you like great photography (suitable for Windows backgrounds too!).    Take a look here:    Softpedia Link to “Zesty” Wallpapers

Canonical extends Ubuntu 12.04 support for paying customers

“Why keep supporting a five-year-old operating system? Because, if you work with servers, five years can be just the start.”    OR you might just like your current desktop and want to keep it safe . . 

“so Canonical found they had enough 12.04 legacy users to justify offering important security fixes for the kernel and the most essential user space packages”.

Steven J. Vaughn-Nichols

So, version 12.04 (2012-April) is Ubuntu’s oldest supported OS.   Now, and for current/future releases (16.04), Canonical will support the OS for up to 10 years . . . . and seeing how OTC’ers (nee Slugo-ites) hate to update (ergo Win XP) . . . this is good news!

Link to ZedNet Article on Ubuntu Update Support

Turn off Auto-Proxy on Windows PC . . at Public WiFi Places

MS as usual doesn’t opt for security over convenience . . . so, here’s a great little HowTo from HTG explaining what the problem is and how to fix it . . . for our OTC Club members, this should be a priority.

NOTE:   If you’re one of the 5 or 6 current members running any Linux or MacOS, this “feature” is disabled by default . . .

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Raspberry Pi Celebrates 5 Years of Existence with Release of Raspberry Pi Zero W

More good news from the Raspberry Pi folks . . . . putting the “thrill” back into computing (like “back in the day”). . . . !



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