Open Source Photo/Image Mgmt – Riley Brandt Photography

First in a series of monthly posts about FOSS (free and open source software) photography management.   Currently, there are “at least” four  dozen FOSS apps for managing & editing photo content.

Many of these apps run in all major OS platforms (Windows, MacOS, Linux and even the BSD’s).   Additionally, most of these apps were developed in the “Nix” environment where the focus is on “small & fast programs” that do just a few things “really well” . . . (although a couple are quite large & complex (aka Gimp, RawTherapee & Darktable)).

Note for movies, engineering or CAD, other graphical programs are available that will not be covered in these posts.

Hope you enjoy the variety of FOSS options.

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“Windows 7 is based on outdated security architecture,” Microsoft says.

“Companies and users who won’t upgrade from Windows 7 within the next three years are facing enormous dangers,” (Microsoft Quote).

Above prompted by EOL of Win7 in less than 3 years . . . time for slackers to start upgrading is here . . . see article in continue reading link below:

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Serious Ubuntu Linux desktop bugs found and fixed

Although Linux desktops (including Ubuntu) are very safe when compared to Windows, that doesn’t mean they are completely immune to malware.

Here’s a current example of an issue that required quick action by Canonical (maker of Ubuntu), . . . AND the desktop user.   (Canonical to write the patch . . the user to apply the patch without delay).

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Hard Drive (hdd) Reliability . .

For traditional spinning hard drives, this article shows the Hitachi brand has been the most reliable.   Note that IBM favored Hitachi for their original PC line . . . Ironically, the Hitachi drives go by the moniker of “star” (like Ultra-Star, Endura-Star) . . but in the PC Nerd communities, they had the nick-name of “Death-Star” . . . maybe not merited???

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Neofetch – Hardware Summarizer Tool . .

My Neofetch profile below for System 76 Galago Laptop:

Among the changes on offer in Neofetch 2.0:

  • Improved ASCII art handling, including default OS fallback when distro not detected
  • ASCII colour tweaks for select distros, including Arch
  • Support for HyperTerm
  • GPU info is cached until reboot
  • Dedicated GPU preferred over integrated
  • ‘Now Playing’ support for select music players
  • Wallpaper detection on Cinnamon desktops
  • Improved documentation & wiki

In addition to Linux, Windows, macOS, and Android (and a bunch of other operating systems) Neofetch 2.0 is able to run on GNU Hurd, Haiku and iOS on the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

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