System76 Cyber Monday – $155 to $910 off

IF , , , there are any remaining club members looking for new hardware (probably not as about a half-dozen of us have upgraded this year or the last couple years) but if still looking . . . savings of $155 (Meerkat) to $910 (Silverback) are pretty awesome!

Plus TCO (total cost of ownership) is generally less for Linux based systems – – especially for setup and update support.

Sys76 Sales


Samsung to Bring Linux to Galaxy Phones

(Samsung was taken by Ubuntu’s idea of “Convergence”) . . devices driven by OS’s that will run in multiple modes (phone and when docked, full PC).

When combined with Dropbox or other 1st class cloud sync – this adds yet another tool for computing (especially for the gainfully employed).

OMG!Ubuntu Article on Samsung Phone 2 PC