How to Back Up Your Data When Your Windows PC Won’t Boot

Now, you can recover your data from a Windows PC that refuses to boot due to some malware or just a hosed configuration . . . If you have data worth saving . . . this article is worth a read and follow up.

I will be covering these points in more detail at a future meeting – – – no need to pay some local tech shop $150 or so.    Once data is retrieved, then a standard Windows install can be initiated.

MakeTechEasier Link to Data Recovery for Frozen PC

Who Still Plays PC Games? . . . Only About 1.2 Billion People . . .

The 1.2 billion number reflects PC gamers.   There is another group that mainly or just plays via a gaming console (more folks use the PC than the consoles).  The combined total is about 1.8 billion.

This is the main reason Intel decided to get into that market and start challenging Nvidia and AMD.

Link to Gaming Article

Intel gets into high-end GPU’ing . . . Competing with nVidia & AMD

Well, it’s about time – – would like to see more competition yet.

While current Intel gpu chipsets do fine with 90% of 3d accelerated graphics, they don’t handle high-end graphics “efficiently” (high-end gaming, extensive media editing, etc.).

Fossbytes Link re New Intel GPU Cards