How to Print Envelopes In LibreOffice . .

One of the most useful software programs available . . is LibreOffice.

It runs on most major Operating Systems (Windows, MacOS, Linux/Ubuntu and Linux/Android).

Its range of capabilities is extensive.  And it’s designed to be used freely and without hacking a proprietary license.   (e.g., “guiltfree ware”).

But, because it may not be the suite you “grew up” with on your PC Journey, the specific steps to accomplish certain tasks . . may be different than MS-Office.

So hopefully, this is the first of many posts illustrating some of the features of LibreOffice . . this post covers how to create & print custom envelopes.   Hope you learn and enjoy!

note:   the video author prepared this using OpenOffice versus LibreOffice, but the screens and functionalities are identical.

More below about the ABC’s of LibreOffice.   Simple and short video:

And Lastly but not Leastly . . . here is a more detailed but still “introductory-level” video about LibreOffice by a very well respected and intelligent author:



CherryTree All Purpose Hierarchical Database

Per request . . . here is the link to obtain CherryTree for Windows and Linux.  Note for our System76 users – – please use the .deb file for Ubuntu.

CherryTree Installer Files

More detail here:   note – CherryTree data can be displayed on Android Phones and Tablets via a standard Text editor (see link below)

CherryTree Review

LangFocus . . . a fascinating website about language & culture . . .

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