Spring cleaning . . a little late

My computer is on a lot and I’m a casual housekeeper.  So I clean the computer fans once a year — and today was the day.  I’ve used the same mid-tower case for almost 16 years – started life as a Micron Pentium 90 in 2001.  It has been rebuilt at least 2 times with nothing original remaining.  And I’m thinking it is time gain.  I want a new power supply, motherboard with USB 3.0 capability, more memory and a solid state HD.  Time to do a little shopping . . .

Old - but all working!
Old – but all working!

Last build

3 thoughts on “Spring cleaning . . a little late”

  1. Kudos to you. I admire anyone who still upgrades their computer, so whatever floats your battleship is fine with me. Of course, like Greg stated, we now have tons of choices. Much to my wife’s chagrin, I’m slow to let go of both her and my old computers. I still have my last old machine (it’s now on our network and serves as a print server) and the last old one before that runs Linux in the form of Linux “Mint”, so that I can play with that O.S.(which by the way, made it much faster in operation).
    Since I’m always looking for ways to burn off my accumulated wealth before I end up in the “home” and because I’m interested in so many “toys”, I’ve had to manage my expenses. The one that has struck the most gold in the computer area is not to go the component upgrade path or buy the latest and greatest from Best Buy or the Mart, but rather to explore a little mentioned area called “refurbished”.
    I’ve have yet to get stung on a product and it moves me up the line just fine and saves me $$$. Here are a few I’ve used successfully




  2. Yes – have used a couple of these sites – especially Newegg. I’ve always been partial to AMD – found it worked better with the video cards & games I wanted to play. Now probably not so much an issue. But I think I’ll still spend the $$ and go with new parts. Newegg has combo deals and currently a sale on ss harddrives. Might do a little ‘pre build’ shopping!

    1. I cut my PC teeth with D.I.T., New Egg, AMD and Nvidia. Intel was a deal breaker for conservative behaviors at a premium price, but that’s not so much the case any more. Then ram sizes changed as did speed and stick length. Then then number of available slots declined and so the front-side cache. Then front disk drives changed in size, speed and price. It got even more confusing, so I tried MSI and Alien Ware, both loaded with the O.S. Better matches…way faster. Nice to live in an age of so many choices and possibilities.

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