Serious Ubuntu Linux desktop bugs found and fixed

Although Linux desktops (including Ubuntu) are very safe when compared to Windows, that doesn’t mean they are completely immune to malware.

Here’s a current example of an issue that required quick action by Canonical (maker of Ubuntu), . . . AND the desktop user.   (Canonical to write the patch . . the user to apply the patch without delay).

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Hard Drive (hdd) Reliability . .

For traditional spinning hard drives, this article shows the Hitachi brand has been the most reliable.   Note that IBM favored Hitachi for their original PC line . . . Ironically, the Hitachi drives go by the moniker of “star” (like Ultra-Star, Endura-Star) . . but in the PC Nerd communities, they had the nick-name of “Death-Star” . . . maybe not merited???

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